FAQs – Tandem Flights Zermatt2020-04-11T09:58:51+02:00

FAQs - Tandem Flights Zermatt

FAQs – Tandem Flights Zermatt

What abilities do I need for a tandem paragliding flight?2019-11-26T09:59:39+02:00

You need no prior knowledge, because the pilot does almost everything for you. The pilot explains to you how the take-off works, puts the passenger harness on you and makes all the decisions for you. Depending on wind conditions, you must be able to run about 10 metres / 35 ft. at the start. The maximum weight for a passenger is 100 kg (220 lb).

What do I need for a tandem paragliding flight?2019-11-26T09:59:06+02:00

In summer, you need comfortable pants, jacket or something similar and solid shoes. In winter, you can use your ski-wear and you only need to change from your ski boots into solid winter boots. You should also bring warm gloves, hat and face protection. If you want to take pictures or you want to film, make sure that your batteries are well charged, as they go very quickly flat in winter.

How old do I have to be for a tandem paragliding flight?2019-11-26T09:58:32+02:00

There is no age limit. Children should not be too small, so that they can at least fit securely in their harness. For young people under 16 years, a confirmation from their parents is required.

How do I book a tandem paragliding flight?2019-11-26T10:17:59+02:00

Very simple. With the link Contact, you will find my phone number and e-mail address. A phone call or e-mail is enough for a booking. If you want to book a long time in advance, please do it with an e-mail. During the flight I cannot answer a phone call. Therefore try about 20 minutes later to call me.

What does a tandem paragliding flight cost?2019-11-27T18:27:13+02:00

The different take-off points have different prices. With the link Tandem Flights you will find all prices. Please note that the prices don’t include the cable car costs.

When can I fly?2019-11-26T09:56:46+02:00

You can fly the whole day as long as the cable cars run. About every 1 ½ hours a flight will be done.

How do I land?2019-11-26T09:56:15+02:00

During the landing, the pilot does everything for you. The only thing you need to do before touching the ground is to sit up and to get ready to keep standing or to walk a few steps. Just before touching the ground the pilot will pull the brakes and the paraglider will lose speed, which will then cause a very gentle landing. A good landing is like a jump from a pavement to a road.

How much time do I need for a tandem flight?2019-11-26T09:55:33+02:00

For most of the flights you need about 1 ½ hours. For flights from the Klein Matterhorn about 2 hours. I recommend you to plan more time in, in order to enjoy the view and to have time for a coffee before you do your tandem flight.

How long does a flight last?2019-11-26T10:20:24+02:00

This cannot be said as the paraglider has no motorized drive. The flight time depends on the rising air (thermals and dynamic winds). In summer they are stronger than in winter. The approximate flight time is between 15 and 20 minutes. Please find more information with the link Tandem Flights.

Can I film or take photos?2019-11-26T10:21:54+02:00

Of course you can film and take pictures. For safety reasons the camera has to be secured during the flight. In winter make sure your batteries are well charged, because they are going very quickly flat in the cold. If you want you can use the Photo – Video -Service as well.

When is the best time to fly?2019-11-26T09:51:38+02:00

In autumn and winter it is possible to fly the whole day. In spring and summer it can be said: “The earlier the better” because around noon there are very often thermal turbulences. Very often it is possible to fly in the late afternoon as long as no thunderstorm comes up.

Where do we meet?2019-11-26T09:50:55+02:00

We can meet in Zermatt or at the top of the cable car station. Whichever you prefer.

Do you pick me up in my hotel?2019-11-26T09:50:01+02:00

Normally every 1 ½ hours a flight will be done. Because of this there is no time left to pick you up in your hotel. With a surcharge it’s possible to pick you up in the hotel. Your hotel concierge will explain to you the way to the meeting point or he can order you a taxi.

Is paragliding dangerous?2019-11-26T09:49:45+02:00

Most accidents are caused by solo pilots. In Switzerland, the training for tandem pilots is extremely demanding and can only be passed by experienced and excellent pilots. In addition, a rescue parachute and airbag will be used for every flight. Despite all the care and best training a small residual risk remains.

Is a paraglider strong enough for 2 people?2019-11-26T09:48:35+02:00

The paragliders are manufactured with high quality materials and officially approved by the Swiss Hang Glider Federation according to international standards. During the examination the materials of the paragliders are tested with 8 times the normal flying load. The cloth is made of polyamide or polyester fibres and with rip-stop. The lines are made of kevlar or dyneema. The carabiners are tested with a working load of >1800kp / >18kN.

What is the difference between a paraglider and parachute?2019-11-26T09:47:30+02:00

With a parachute people jump down and it breaks the fall. A paraglider starts from the ground and flies. A paraglider is a wing with an aerodynamic shape which generates a lift and enables us to fly. The parachute is less aerodynamic and therefore doesn’t fly quite as well.

Can I book very long flights?2019-11-26T09:46:49+02:00

It is possible to book longer flights. For longer flights the weather conditions and thermals have to be right. The best time for long flights is late spring until mid-autumn. For long flights you need to announce it early in order to reserve the necessary time for you and to set up costs.

Can I book very special tandem flights?2019-11-26T09:46:20+02:00

Yes you can. The least strenuous flight is from Klein Matterhorn 3’880 metres / 12’730 ft. the highest cable car station in the Alps. For the ambitious ones the Breithorn 4’164 metres / 13’661 ft. can be flown. With superb conditions it is also possible to use two other take-off points which can be reached by helicopter.